Coachella Themed Party

We had an absolute blast creating Coachella vibes for #AllieNeedIsLove! Thank you for trusting us Mendoza family! ❤️ Happy Birthday Allie! #Coachellatheme #PortkeyEvents


Happy Birthdae Harry!

Thank you for coming everyone!!! Happy Birthday Harry Potter! Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling!
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Of course we have cake! Thank you to Nicole Guanio of The Nook Cafe for Hagrid’s cake, to Jeanne Severo for the cupcakes, and to Carlo Wong for the chocolates! You guys are the sweetest! It feels like our birthday too! Happy Birthday to all Potterheads! Today is our day!

International Magical Cooperation (HCS Part 4: Recap)

A beautiful example of International Magical Cooperation and making great friends ❤️💛💙💚

Thank you guys for joining The Triwizard Tournament! You all played marvelously! And congratulations to our four champions, and of course, to the winner of this year’s Tournament, John Laurence Domingo! We’re so proud of you!

To the ones who had to go home early, we promise to take our family picture before anyone leaves. Regardless, thank you for being there!